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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

🇬🇧 Taxpayers pay but private firms benefit

5 private firms constitute what we call Factory farming.

Farm subsidies enable big business to control many farms in the UK

The majority of Britain’s poultry meat is produced by a handful of large companies including Faccenda, Moy Park, Cargill, 2 Sisters and Banham Poultry -all of which are privately-owned.

The five major poultry companies

Responsible for ‘processing’ approximately 1.5 Billion chickens a year

Operating Profit 2015 -2016
Cargill PLC
£19.2 million
988 million chickens a year
chickens are received from Cargill’s network of more than 100 independently owned farms. Cargill UK Holdings is owned by Cargill, Inc, a private US company which made $1.64 billion adjusted operating earnings in 2016.
Faccenda Foods Limited
£7.8 million
114 million chicks per year
Operates or partners with 150 farms across the UK for chicken rearing.
Moy Park
50.6 million
35 million chickens ‘on the ground at any one time’.
In September 2017, JBS a Brazilian company was sold to Moy Park to Pilgrims Pride  for £1 billion; JBS owns 79% of Pilgrim's Pride. Has 590 Broiler Farms
2 Sisters Food Group Limited
£2.2 million
very approximately 520 million chickens a year.
10 sites in the UK
Banham Poultry Limited
-£473,612 loss
21.8 million birds a year.
Has its own hatchery, which supplies all farms producing poultry for the company, these may be owned, rented or leased. The company. Sells 34 million chickens a year

updated 2022

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