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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

Summaries, Strategies & Conclusions

Why and How we intend to help to SCRAP factory farming and definitions of key terms.

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Pandemics and other Contagious Disease

UK Government and global experts predict that another deadly pandemic is imminent.

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Antibiotic resistance

Factory farms routinely use antibiotics even though we may be facing a world without working antibiotics. What are the UK government plans and our concerns?

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Factory Farming

How big is the problem? And how many lives are affected? Live and historical data.

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Climate and Ecological Crises

Summary of problems and health risks. How climate, animal agriculture and factory farming are connected and expert advice is ignored by the government.

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Air and Water Pollution

Whether it be slurry despoiling waterways , toxic chemical run-off or noxious smells factory farming is bad for the local environment as well as globally.

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Removing factory farms and not replacing animal numbers via other systems or imports, will de facto move us in line with recommendations for healthier eating.

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Factory Farming - the numbers

Consider factory farming systemically

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One Health

Animal, human and environmental health are all interconnected, Factory farming increases animal disease risk and therefore human disease risk, animal disease increases greenhouse gas emissions etc

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Taxpayers’ Money

Our money funds factory farms and animal agriculture is heavily subsidised.

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Legal Cases

The SCRAP legal case though the first of its kind is not unique there are many more in both Europe and America

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Glossary and Background

All definitions in one place

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Misinformation, Propaganda and Denial

The Exxon ‘they knew’ moment for animal agriculture.

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A concise description for your new collection

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