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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

Supermarkets and fast-food restaurants rely on Factory Food

An investigation exposes the relationship between Big Ag and the big food chains


Fast food , super market chains rely on mega farms

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism established that many UK supermarkets and fast food chains buy from companies operating US style mega farms including :




Co op,






Burger King



Hook 2 Sisters

“…a joint venture between PD Hook and 2 Sisters Food Group It operates farms that supply birds to 2 Sisters Food Group whose customers include Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, M&S, and Asda Data shows that Hook 2 Sisters operates 37 Cafo sized facilities across the UK”

Faccenda Foods

“… supplies poultry to Asda and Nando's, among others, operates 26 Cafos in the UK “

Moy Park

“supplies Asda, McDonalds and Burger King, has 19 Cafos across the country”

JSR Farms

“which rears pigs, says it is in partnership with Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, and operates 4 Cafos, according to our analysis J C Lister, another major pig producer, operates 2 Cafos and reportedly has supplied Tesco, Co op and Aldi”

Pawton Dairy

A large Cafo sized farm called supplies milk to Arla Arla butter and cheese are sold in Co Op

Definition of Cafo

To meet the definition of a Cafo, a facility must have at least 125 000 broilers (chickens raised for meat), or 82 000 layers (hens which produce eggs) or pullets (chickens used for breeding), or 2 500 pigs, 700 dairy cattle or 1 000 beef cattle
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