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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

The Carbis Bay Declaration - The G7 Global Health Declaration.

The Carbis Bay Declaration G7, June 2021

G7 leaders ‘committed’ to using all their resources to prevent a global pandemic:

“G7 leaders will commit to using all their resources to prevent a global pandemic from ever happening again when they meet in Cornwall today… • 75% of new human diseases originate in animals and these diseases are emerging at an increasing rate • Recognising the need to tackle the roots of the coronavirus pandemic on a truly global level • The first 100 days after the identification of an epidemic threat are crucial to changing its course and, ideally, preventing it from becoming a pandemic • Slashing the time taken to develop and licence vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for any future disease to under 100 days, a commitment to reinforce global surveillance networks and genomic sequencing capacity and support for reforming and strengthening the World Health Organization.”
🔗 Source: G7 leaders to agree on landmark global health declaration: 12 June 2021

But no mention ANYWHERE of trying to prevent a pandemic by reducing the number of factory farms.

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