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Where else can I learn about the health benefits of a whole food plant based diet?

The internet is full of ‘nutritionists’ , ‘health gurus’ and ‘influencers’ so here is where to get science based information.

Plant Based Data

A vast collection of google docs with science based research.


Nutrition Facts

Be more informed than your Doctor

nutrition receives little attention in medical practice” and “the reason stems, in large part, from the severe deficiency of nutrition education at all levels of medical training.” They note this is particularly shocking since it has been proven that a whole foods, plant-based diet low in animal products and refined carbohydrates can reverse coronary heart disease—our number-one killer—and provide potent protection against other leading causes of death, such as cancer and type 2 diabetes. So, how has medical education been affected by this knowledge? Medical students are still getting less than 20 hours of nutrition education over 4 years, and even most of that has limited clinical relevance. Thirty years ago, only 37 percent of medical schools had a single course in nutrition. According to the most recent national survey, that number has since dropped to 27 percent. And, it gets even worse after students graduate.
🔗 Source: How Much Nutrition Education Do Doctors Get?

Plant Based Health professionals

A huge resource of videos, conferences , studies , books, recipes and definitely more.

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