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To some this a controversial opinion but Veganism provides no guidance as to what you should eat, it is good at explaining why you should NOT eat animals. This said it’s hard to know what you should do, it’s like trying to steer a car by avoiding crashing, its true you should avoid crashing but when you get in your car where do you want to go? So in thinking about being vegan everyday why not have as your goal to eat whole food plant based and avoid the 10 major illnesses of the western diet.

Carla Sokol who has been plant based for 4 years and with a history of heart disease suggests that "I'm hoping to make Vegan incorporate whole food plant-based..." "I think vegan absolutely is whole food plant-based. I don't think it is Oreos because Oreos come in a package. Oreos are bad for the human and a human is an animal...”
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