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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

Bison are good for the ecosystem - so why not cows

Bison’s aren’t cows in ways that tells us a lot about the harm of cows.

That bison on the prairies of the US lived on grass and despite vast numbers did not cause the harm commonly associated with cows.

  • Bison don’t eat all of the grass that they graze on, cows do.
  • Bison roam so spread their manure far and wide, cows require and stay around their water source - and this causes many problems with
  • Bison can survive in both freezing and arid conditions
  • Bison can eat a very varied diet.
  • Bison aren’t ‘good eating’, and are extremely hard to ‘farm’.
  • Bison are saving America’s Lost Prarie - in a similar way to
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