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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

The need for a transition plan

And we need to act on as soon as possible.

Urgent plans for urgent time


“Without a rapid transition away from factory farming, we will not avoid climate catastrophe”. Friends of the Earth 2020


“More energy is used in factory farming, due to the need for cooling, heating and ventilation of these facilities, leading to higher emissions of carbon dioxide. Pig and poultry factory farms contribute heavily to the global emissions of methane from pig slurry and nitrous oxide from poultry manure” Compassion in World Farming 2019

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Summary of Climate and ecological crises and Factory Farming

  • Climate and environmental crises –animal agriculture plays a significant part and addressing this offers significant potential to reduce the climate crisis and associated health risks
  • Overall number of animals is a cause but cheap meat from factory farms drives consumption and increases numbers
  • Factory farms have a high contribution to carbon footprint due to The heating and cooling required
    • The inefficiency of feeding grains to animals for conversion to protein for us
    • The sourcing of food for farmed animals causing deforestation and habitat loss 
    • For more information on the climate and ecological crises see our booklet
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