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How Factory Farming Harms People, Planet and Animals

Factory Farming and Deforestation

Why we call it Climate Crisis

Factory Farming comes at the cost of the deforestation of the Amazon

It begins with cattle farming

Extensive cattle ranching is the number one culprit of deforestation in virtually every Amazon country, and it accounts for 80 of current deforestation (Nepstad et al 2008 Alone, the deforestation caused by cattle ranching is responsible for the release of 340 million tons of carbon to the atmosphere every year, equivalent to 3 4 of current global emissions Brazil has 88 of the Amazon herd, followed by Peru and Bolivia”d and Rural Affairs
Deforestation for cattle grazing is often the first step, followed by soya planting in large part for livestock feed as illustrated previously So UK consumption is contributing to cattle ranching and livestock feed global damage as well as the associated air miles”

and after cattle - soy

These fires make way for cattle-ranching, the most important cause of direct conversion of rainforests (Jan Maarten Dros, 2004). Soy developers then capitalize on the cattle ranchers and take over their land, pushing cattle ranching (and deforestation) towards new pioneer areas. And so the natural frontier recedes…”

Soya feed and deforestation in real time.

“Three of the world’s biggest food corporations Bunge, Cofco and Cargill which supply soya globally for livestock feed have bought soya from companies whose supply chains have been linked to deforestation and fires in the Brazilian Amazon, an investigation has revealed”.
🔗 Source: Global food giants sourced soya linked to illegal Amazon deforestation
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